Government Grants

Singapore Government offers numerous grants and incentives to SME's operating in the city to tap on to grow their business.

Hire Eligible Singapore CitizenJob

Job Growth Initiative (JGI) / Career Support Programme (CSP)

THE CSP has been replaced by the JGI from 1 Sep 2020.

the JGI encourages the hiring of locals until March 2022. The salary support for each non-mature local hire will be 15% for up to 6 months for non-mature local hires and 50% of up to 12 months for mature, PwD or ex-offender local hires.

Career Trial

Employers can assess jobseekers’ job fit through a short-term trial before offering employment paying a minimum salary of at least $1,500/month for full time position, and $750/month for part-time position or more, to suitable Singapore Citizens.

SGUnited Mid-Career Programme

The SGUnited Mid-Career Programme was introduced to support individuals who are in the middle of their career. This programme widens their professional networks and helps them gain new skills, preparing them for more permanent jobs in the future. These programmes can last up to 6 months with approved host organisations to boost their skills and employability.

Individuals below 40 will have up to 80% of their monthly training allowance covered by the government. Individuals 40 years or older will have up to 90% of their monthly training allowance subsidized.

SGUnited Traineeships Programme

The SGUnited Traineeship Programme aims to support students who have recently graduated or will soon graduate from ITE, University, Polytechnic, or other private educational institutions. These trainings can last for 6 months and will equip young adults with valuable industry experience and give them a foothold in the job market.

Hire Eligible Singapore Citizen


Career Conversion Programme (CCP) / Professional Conversion Programme (PCP)

The PCP has been replaced by the CCP

Targeted PMETs including mid-career switchers, to undergo skills conversion and move into new occupations or sectors that have good prospects and opportunities for progression.

  • Place-and-Train: PMET is hired by a participating employer before undergoing training to take on a new job role.
  • Attach-and-Train: PMET is provided with training and work attachments, in advance of job placement through industry partners in growth sectors with better future job opportunities.
  • Redeployment: PMET at risk of redundancy is retained by existing employers and provided with training to take on new job roles within the same company.
Skills Framework

The Skills Framework provides key information on sector, career pathways, occupations/job roles, as well as existing and emerging skills required for the occupations/job roles. It also provides a list of training programmes for skills upgrading and mastery.

SkillsFuture for Digital Workplace

Aim to equip Singaporeans with the mind-set and basic functional skills to prepare for the future economy. Help all Singaporean adults, including those planning to return to the workforce.

SkillsFuture Work – Study Post Diploma

Gives Fresh Graduates from Polytechnics a head-start in careers related to their discipline of study. Provides more opportunities, after graduation, to build on the skills and knowledge they acquired in school, and better supports their transition into the workforce.

Participating employers can recruit local fresh talent, within three years of graduation or the Operational Ready Date for National Servicemen and prepare them to take up suitable job roles.

SkillsFuture Series

SkillsFuture Series is a series of curated work-skills related short and modular courses focusing on eight emerging areas – Cybersecurity, Data Analytics, Entrepreneurship, Finance, Tech-Enabled Services, Digital Media, Advanced Manufacturing, and Urban Solutions

This new initiative aims to equip working adults with specific skills sets to meet changing job demands in the eight emerging areas, enabling them to stay relevant and competitive for the future. Individuals will gain access to quality industry-relevant programmes starting with over 400 courses catered at beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels

National Centre of Excellence for Workplace Learning

The National Centre of Excellence for Workplace Learning (NACE) aims to help local organisations retain and build competencies through workplace learning. NACE helps companies address challenges they face by strengthening the company from within by building skills.

PMETs: Professionals, Managers, Executives and Technicians

Enhance Business ProcessesProductivity

PSG supports companies keen on adopting IT solutions and equipment to enhance business processes.
Productivity Solutions Grant (PSG)
PSG covers sector-specific solutions including the Retail, Food, Logistics, Precision Engineering, Construction and Landscaping industries.

PSG also supports adoption of solutions that cut across industries, eg Customer Management, Data Analytics, Financial Management and Inventory Tracking
SkillsFuture Enterprise Credit (SFEC)
Eligible employers will receive $10,000 credit to cover up to 90% of expenses for approved development and workforce transformation programmes

$3,000 will be reserved for workforce transformation and up to $7,000 can be used on enterprise transformation
Grooming Working Professionals


Grooming working professionals with the right Information and Communications Technology (ICT) skills which move us closer towards achieving Singapore’s vision of building a Digital Economy

Transform and Grow
Enables employers to tackle oncoming economic challenges, attract and retain local manpower, improve productivity and innovate.

1. Lean Enterprise Development Scheme (LEDS)
Receive transitional manpower support and assistance to enhance productivity and build new capabilities to thrive in manpower-lean landscapes.

2. WorkPro Job Redesign
The Age Management and Job Redesign Grant has ceased and only the Work-Life Grant exists.
The Work-Life Grant is meant to help companies sustain flexible work arrangements over 2 years
Set Up Overseas

Overseas Expansion

Market Readiness Assistance (MRA)

Supports Singapore SMEs taking their business overseas for the first time. MRA support pre-determined activities to help you set up overseas, identify business partners, and promote your products overseas.

Global Ready Talent Programme (GRT)

Develop a pool of global-ready talent for Singapore companies through internships and overseas work opportunities for Singaporeans. GRT has two components:

Global Ready Talent (Internships)
Provide placements for local and overseas internships and get funding support of up to 70% of students’ monthly internship stipend.

Global Ready Talent (Management Associate)
Train and invest overseas work for young Singaporean employees and get funding support of up to 70% of qualifying costs.
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