S Pass medical insurance requirements

January 15, 20210

Before you can issue or renew an S Pass, you must buy medical insurance for the pass holder and submit the details online.

What it should cover

As part of an employer’s S Pass medical obligations, you must buy and maintain medical insurance for your S Pass holders as long they are under your employment.

The insurance coverage must be at least $15,000 per year and cover inpatient care and day surgery.

You also need to submit the insurance details online before you can issue or renew a pass, and when the insurance details change.

Co-pay arrangement

You can have a co-pay arrangement with the S Pass holder only if all of the following are met:

  • The co-pay amount is reasonable and does not exceed 10% of the worker’s monthly salary.
  • The duration of co-payment does not exceed 6 months.
  • The co-payment option is explicitly in the employment contract or collective agreement and has the worker’s full consent.

Note: You must not pass on the cost of buying medical insurance to your S Pass holders.

Submit insurance details

You need to submit medical insurance details online before you request to issue or renew an S Pass, and when the details change.

You can submit the medical insurance details through:

  • WP Online
  • EP Online – you can submit the details when you issue the S Pass.

You need to keep the following information up to date:

  • Name of insurer
  • Insurance policy number
  • Insurance policy commencement date
  • Insurance policy expiry date

We encourage you to get a WP Online account to make it easier for you to update your employees’ medical insurance. Registration is free.

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