Here’s how to keep your employees engaged while working from home

February 6, 20210

The past few months have been a rollercoaster of change

As the world starts to accept remote work as a constant, employers are understandably left with more questions than answers. While there is no denying that remote work saved many businesses, it was never really considered a realistic, long-term, plan. Employers entered a sort of social experiment with WFH. Would it work logistically? Would productivity maintain? Would morale be boosted?

The past few months have answered those worries. Research from Amex found employees who worked from home were 43% more productive than those who remained in the office, with 53% of employees citing remote work as a priority when searching for a new role.

Employees, though isolated due to the pandemic, are just as engaged as they were in the office – with many of them calling to make remote work the norm. So, how exactly can you keep your employees on the ball while working from home?

Find the right remote engagement tools

Remote work calls for a different selection of tools – ones that not only aid collaboration but also monitor productivity. In the initial shift to WFH, one of the main areas of concern for the C-suite was a drop in productivity and a lack of self-motivation for employees away from the office. Project managing software like and Trello are effective and transparent ways of watching over projects, whilst also facilitating teamwork virtually.

Using tools such as Microsoft Teams, Google Hangout, and Zoom to check in with employees regularly. Not only does this allow you to watch over your staff, but it is also a nice way to reach out to those feeling isolated.

Addressing unique employee concerns

Remote work is heaven for some, hell for others. The pandemic has thrown us all for a loop, leaving us exhausted, mentally shattered, and anxious. As with all things in HR, individualization is key. It is essential that you think of your people as separate entities – what works for some may not necessarily work for others.

Some employee concerns may be logistical – such as poor Wi-Fi or a broken laptop – others will be emotional – perhaps around mental health. As a starting point, host a town hall to voice any general concerns, and then follow up with personal one-on-ones. It is important to note, however, not to overwhelm your people. If they do not want to talk, do not force them.

Pre-emptively preventing employee burnout

As COVID-19 starts to dissipate, HR leaders have another crisis on their hands – companywide burnout stemming from poor psychological health. A report from Pew Research Centre found that over one-third of employees have displayed signs of depression and anxiety since the pandemic took hold. This number is expected to rise over the coming months, particularly in areas that are still suffering from COVID-19. To pre-emptively prevent further burnout, employers should be laying out clear boundaries for their people. Working from home can be flexible, however, it can also lead to too much overtime and a poor work-life balance.

When we work from home, it is easy to forget to take breaks. It is so important that employees have a proper lunch, sit down for dinner with their families, take regular walks around the block. clear working hours. Encourage employees to take regular breaks.

Being critical of your own practices

Self-reflection is not just for employees; it is for leaders too. We are entering into uncharted waters, not really knowing what 2021 must throw at us. As such, it is important that HR departments constantly check themselves. Look at your practices, look at your processes – do not just assume everything is fine because you have been doing it the same way for the past 10 years. There’s always room for improvement – be that improving communication, investing in new technology, or simply hiring new people. Or simply bring them back to the office

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