Culture: Ephemeral Conundrum or Convoluted Linchpin?

December 6, 20210

Culture: Ephemeral Conundrum or Convoluted Linchpin?


Whether we admit it or not, culture influences organizational performance, be it measured in terms of customer satisfaction, attendance, safety or productivity. Human Resources plays an active role in creating the culture of the organisation. Great workplaces with stronger culture generate greater financial gains than their counterparts, have lower employee turnover rates than their competitors and can recruit top talent that further elevates their capabilities. This results in top tier customer service, as well as creative and innovative products and services that will contribute to the overall success of the company.


There is a correlation between cultures and hiring because it strongly affects the sourcing, selection and retention process. Cultural fit is about whether someone is able to sync well with your corporate gogo culture.


Generally, cultural fit cannot be taught and this affects what the candidate can bring to the table. Although culture is incredibly important in retaining talent and allowing employees to feel at ease which eventually results in higher productivity, it is very rarely focused on. It has been shown that actively managing and developing culture through hiring can significantly improve employee performance, satisfaction and retention rates. Ultimately, culture will influence the organisation’s profitability and growth.


Companies are increasingly recognising the need to evolve the HR departments in order to address issues of retention, recruitment and culture. Indirectly, they are addressing issues of profitability, productivity and success. Outsourcing some or all of these functions allows them to take a strategic approach to these challenges while cost effectively growing their company.


For any of these solutions, Prime HR provides reliable help to work alongside you and provide you HR solutions as a SME.


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