How to focus on employer branding?

December 25, 20210

How to focus on employer branding? (Part 1/2)

In our previous posts, we focused on talent attraction and employee value preposition, both of which are aspects of retaining and attracting talent to your company. In this article, we will provide some practical steps that you can consider implementing into your company, ensuring that there is a positive view of your company by job-seekers.


  1. Know what your company’s unique selling point to potential hires is

To powerfully impact potential hires with your employer brand, you need to focus on the company’s mission statement, values, vision and culture. A starting point would be to identify your business needs and then figure out what kind of talent you will require to meet those goals.

Aligning your values and goals with your employer brand will create a comprehensive and compelling branding


2. Conduct a survey to fully understand external and internal impressions of your company

Understanding the perception of your company by both employees and job-seekers will ensure you are aware of the way your company is perceived and allow you to concoct a plan to remedy or enhance your company perception. Sending out surveys internally, on social media platforms and even perusing reviews on sites like Glassdoor will allow you to accurately determine the external and internal branding of your company and whether it is in line with your own image.

Your research should cover both the strong suites and areas for improvement in your company. This will help you construct a comprehensive plan to create a better work culture and find out how to further enhance already attractive aspects of your company.

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In our next post, we will be including steps on how you can ensure your current staff share in the same vision and leverage on their networks to propagate this information, further strengthening the image of your company. If this article has interested you, remember to keep an eye out for tomorrow’s post.


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