How to focus on employer branding (part 2/2)

December 27, 20210

How to focus on employer branding (part 2/2)

In our previous post, we talked about how we can enhance employer branding by ensuring people outside of the company have an accurate understanding of the company. This is part two of the series which focuses on ensuring employees and other members within the company share the same view of the company as you, and how you can leverage on their networks to reach a wider audience.


1. (I) Cultivate a strong onboarding process

Although the onboarding process may seem like an ephemeral experience that is quickly forgotten once the new hire gets to work, it is the first impression that the new hire gets of the company. A negative onboarding experience can make the new hire more likely to seek alternative opportunities, especially when things get hard, making it more likely for them to leave rather than ride the hard things out with the company.

Ultimately, a good ride begins with proper preparation. Starting the ride well ensures a good experience, keeping talents coming and heightening peak performance.


It is essential that you provide your employees with the right tools and prepare them well, keeping them excited and engaged. This allows them to excel in their role, ensuring a smooth entry and heightened performance. This in turn results in more positive reviews by the hired talent, lower turnover rates and higher productivity.


2. (I) Offer opportunities for learning and improvement

A reason for talent leaving the company is due to a lack of opportunities for training and self-improvement. Essentially, employers were unhappy with the lack of a challenge. This, however, is relatively easy to fix.


Allowing employees to try new roles and positions that challenge them can bring a newfound excitement in as it provides them with harder tasks to tackle, providing stimulation renewed engagement.


Providing a variety of new tasks to handle can also pique engagement by allowing them to use different means of resolving conundrums while entertaining multiple challenges. Ultimately, this results in an increase in employee skills through learning and development opportunities. This provides you with more engaged and skilled employees, a win for both employees and employers.


3. (I) Create a diverse and inclusive culture

Creating a diverse and inclusive culture is important in ensuring a good working environment. In this age of inclusivity and diversity, it is inherently important to ensure that there are individuals of diverse backgrounds in order to reach a greater audience and better appeal to them.

Be it in terms of race, religion, language or ethnicity, it is important to include people of all groups to obtain new ideas and a dynamic working environment.


4. (I) Leverage your current employees’ connections

When looking for more information on your company, job-seekers will value the views and opinions of current employees the most. Leveraging on this can be essential to ensuring job-seekers get the most accurate and relevant picture of your company. This can mean encouraging employees to post about their work experience on their social media platforms, conducting employee interviews and posting testimonials from past and present employees on your website.

In this current age of social media dominance, social media is the easiest way to extend your reach. For instance, when your company is organising a giveaway or company outing, you can leverage on your employees by encouraging them to post these events on their social media

This can be as simple as asking your employees to post a picture on their Facebook page, tagging the company in a twitter post or even candid pictures and videos on their Instagram stories. This is a fun and easy way of reaching out to a wide range of audiences, organically increasing the reach of your company.

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