Why should you care about staff engagement?

January 3, 20222

Why should you care about staff engagement?

Employees who are engaged are more willing to invest additional time and effort and have the initiative to contribute more to the business goals. Motivated employees have a greater level of passion, energy and excitement towards the work that they do. This additional motivation makes them higher performers who can produce greater results and boost the overall company performance. In this article, we present a few ways which you can engage your employees by providing them with conditions that engage them and spur them to work harder.

1. Provide inspiring leadership

Competent and passionate leadership is essential for employee engagement. Taking an active role in learning the needs and aspirations of your employees, as well as taking time to express genuine interest in your employees can boost employee contentment exponentially. Doing so tells them that their opinions and contributions are valued, allowing you to find out how you can improve their environment. This can be done through informal conversations or even formal employee surveys and feedback means. Take note of how your employees define success to create an environment that meaningfully rewards them and allows them to thrive.

2. Be proactive in rewarding employees

Providing meaningful ways of rewarding employees can motivate them to put in greater efforts into their work. Celebrating their accomplishments in a way that matters to them will allow them to know that their efforts are recognised. Celebrate individual and team accomplishments, reminding everyone that they are part of a bigger team. Rewarding small and large milestones in a way that allows the individual employee to feel appreciated and acknowledged provides them with something to strive for and helps them stay engaged.

3. Go green

The Journal of Organisational Behaviour published a study which showed that employees at green firms were 16% more productive than conventional firms. This led them to conclude that employees in these green firms have greater levels of motivation, are more regularly trained and have better interpersonal relationships.

Going green does not always require complicated plans and intricate solutions. It can be as simple as encouraging employees to recycle and limit their waste, using recycled paper for printers and asking employees to shut down their computers and appliances before leaving the office


4. Put people at the heart of the culture

Companies that understand people are their greatest asset reap the benefits of an engaged workforce. This includes considering your employees’ responsibilities beyond the office and enabling them to balance work and home life more easily via flexible hours or remote work arrangements.

Encourage employees to balance hard work with fun by investing in social events and regular team-building activities. Promote the sharing of ideas, suggestions and improvements by asking for feedback in a variety of ways to foster a culture of honest feedback.

A work environment in which people feel valued, heard and have a sense of camaraderie is ultimately most critical to employee engagement.

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